What is Ecwid?

Ecwid is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms you can find. Used by hundreds of thousands of merchants in 175 countries, Ecwid has everything you need to reach your customers wherever they are: in-person, through your website, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, or Google Shopping. 

Being one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world Ecwid has all the features you possibly need to manage a successful online business. With Ecwid’s point-of-sale integrations, email marketing integrations and dedicated mobile app, you can manage your marketing, merchandising, and sales any time, anywhere. Here a list of things you could do with Ecwid

  • Manage with ease your catalog. Order it in categories and manage SEO of each product. 
  • Sell products and process payments from 200+ countries.
  • Handel stock availability and world-wide shipments.
  • Manage sales in your local store through the Ecwid app.
  • Sell on your Website, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and Instagram all from your Ecwid account - This is really impressive.
  • Sell digital products and deliver them with a safe link upon successful payment.
  • Create and manage Discounts and marketing campaigns.
  • Manage customers and orders.
  • Set up Analytics, Traking Codes, Marketing automations
  • The list could go on and on ...

Does goEcwid need Ecwid stacks?

No, this project file integrates directly with your Ecwid account, there is no need of red party stacks. Please check the full list of stacks you need to use this project file. 

An Ecwid account is needed to use goEcwid. You can open a free Ecwid demo account here.

How is Ecwid integrated with this project file?

We integrate Ecwid into this project file using the custom website code from the Ecwid platform. In order to give you editing options we edited that code injecting Total CMS macros into it. You will be able to style fonts and colors from the intuitive admin area without having to edit any HTML or CSS.

How will I manage my store?

After the initial setup of the admin area where you will simply enter Store ID and Category ID, you can move to the Ecwid Control Panel and start editing your store from there.

You can take care and organize all your catalog from your Ecwid Control Panel while managing your blog and contact form from your Admin area.